Thank you for your interest in the Dallas Midtown Vision. This document serves to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the vision. Should you have any additional questions about this project, please contact the City of Dallas at (214) 670-4209 or contact us.

What is the Dallas Midtown Vision?

The Dallas Midtown vision is the plan for an iconic urban destination for the North Dallas area bounded by Southern Boulevard, Preston Road, LBJ Freeway and Dallas North Tollway. The vision includes a plan for a town center and green space where people can live, work and play, creating a sense of community in this popular area of North Dallas.

Who benefits from this development?

The entire Dallas community should benefit from the Dallas Midtown vision. Neighboring business and retail are expected to receive increased visits to the area. Local homeowners will likely enjoy increased property values and a city park, and the Dallas community will enjoy a community gathering place located in North Dallas.

Who’s paying for this development?

The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce received financial support from the City of Dallas to oversee the vision phase of the project. Moving forward, the development will be a collaboration of private and public entities including major investors.

When will construction begin?

There is no scheduled date for construction, as the process will be market-driven. With several of the larger landowners involved on the advisory committee, we have seen considerable effort and expense dedicated by some owners/developers around ideas for their own sites. Once zoning is approved, the next phase will include infrastructure development and vertical construction. Again, there is no set date, but we expect the area to grow significantly over the next five to 10 years.

What will be built in the development?

The vision includes the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian-friendly town center with retail and office space, as well as attractive residential options. A key element will also be the addition of significant green space – much of that in the form of a sizable public park at the core of the town center, and many other parks scattered throughout the remainder of the area. This is a market-driven development and will be built based on the business opportunities and marketplace demand as perceived by future investors and current property owners.

Why did you choose the name Dallas Midtown?

This name was chosen as a placeholder to identify the vision. However, the name is not final and could change as the development plan and investment progresses.

How much will the development cost tax payers?

The initial vision process was funded by a City of Dallas 380 Economic Development Grant of up to $250,000. Future public funding will require additional approval by the Dallas City Council or other taxing entity. Developments of this type often include both public and private sources for financing the necessary infrastructural elements.

How will new zoning affect businesses in the area?

As you heard today, a newly redeveloped and revitalized Midtown area will mean enhanced economic development for the entire area including retail transactions, restaurant visits, office tenants and general community engagement. We anticipate many existing businesses to benefit from the newly enhanced area as the area transitions to higher valued uses. Furthermore, while the future vision calls for a broad mix of land uses, existing land uses in compliance with present zoning will be able to continue to operate; changes to property use or expansion of physical scale will require adherence to any new zoning as approved by the City. City staff is available after the meeting to discuss your concerns today, or you may contact the City of Dallas zoning office
for more information at (214) 670-4209.

Will construction close down roads or impact traffic surrounding the area?

As part of the vision phase, traffic has been analyzed and studied in an effort to prevent congestion and ensure adequate traffic flow throughout the area. As the zoning and Dallas City Council approval process moves forward, we will have more information available regarding traffic and road configuration. However, we are currently working on ideas to make the area friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists while ensuring adequate traffic flow throughout the area.

How can I get involved?

Tell your friends and neighbors in the area why this vision would benefit North Dallas and surrounding areas. Point them to the vision website at for more information and to download notes from today’s meeting. Additionally, there are two upcoming public hearings scheduled this spring, including one before the City Plan Commission (expected to be set for April 18, 2013), and one before the City Council (presently set for
May 22, 2013).